Sinosense Nonwoven disposable coverall

Jul 01 , 2024

Sinosense disposable coverall designed for work scenarios that require personal safety protection.

Tt’s generally made for four onwoven materials: PP, SMS, MICROPOROUS,PP+PE,

Generally divided into the following characteristics:

1. Good protective performance: it can effectively block dust, particulates and some liquids, reducing the risk of pollution to users.

2. Breathability: While providing protection, it has breathability, which helps to reduce the stuffy feeling when wearing and improve comfort.

3. Light and comfortable: the material is light, wearing will not bring too much burden to the user, and the design is reasonable and convenient for activities.

4. Disposable use: Avoid the risk of cross infection, no need for complex cleaning and disinfection after use, convenient and fast. 

The design is usually more comprehensive and may include a hooded design to better protect the head; Elastic cuffs and ankle for enhanced protection.

Sinosense pays attention to product quality, and the nonwoven disposable coveralls comply with relevant standards and specifications to ensure the safety and protection of users.

Specific product features and benefits may vary depending on the model and specifications. When wearing, it should be properly worn and used according to actual needs and relevant regulations to give full play to its protective role.

If you still want to know more details about the product, you can contact Sinosense company's official website: to understand in detail.